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Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training Laboratory  >  Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training Laboratory
JC-ACLS8500 Type B Teaching System for Intelligent Advanced Life Support Training (Network version)
[Date£º2010-10-21 10:42:04 ][Read£º2649]

System components£ºE-standardized CPR patient£»
CPR multimedia teaching software£»
Venous circulation (modules)£»
Blood pressure measurement (modules)£»
Manual external defibrillator simulation£»
Master control platform of network teaching.
¢ñ. Functions and Features
(1)E-standardized patient for intelligent advanced life support training£º
1.         It has full simulation of the head and neck ( made of soft texture and feels real), life-like mouth (teeth, tongue, uvula), a realistic airway (epiglottis, glottis, larynx, arytenoid cartilage, vocal cords, trachea) and esophagus  £»
2.         It can conduct intubation through mouth and nasal airway£»
3.         It can meet the demands of all kinds of airway opening practices. It will show when the airway is open. Effective artificial respiration could be done only when the airway is opend£»
4.         It can conduct mouth to mouth and mouth to nose artificial respiration. It can also be used with air bag mask or breathing machine. A software description will real-timely display, record and assess the size of inflatable volume and injection velocity through an interactive dynamic curve£»
5.         It has life-like eyes. When the rescue is success, the pupil will return to normal from dispersing£»
6.         Carotid pulse: carotid pulse produced by closed chest cardiac compression, normal carotid pulse produced by successful rescue£»
7.         It has clear chest surface marks (sternal angle, xiphoid and nipple, etc.) to facilitate positioning of closed chest cardiac compression£»
8.         It has graphics to display the correctness and errors of parts of chest compressions as well as the cause of the errors£»
9.       Chest compressions feel real. A software description will real-timely display, record and assess the action and reaction, the depth and the frequency of the compression through an interactive dynamic curve.
(2) Venous circulation (modules)
1. The upper limb and lower limb have a complete venous system which accommodates venous transfusion, blood collection and injection procedures. It can simulate the set up of the venous circulation during the emergency treatment.
2. It has a pressurized device to simulate venous angioplerosis. As needle enters veins, there is obvious backflow blood. The venous blood flows circularly. It accommodates lifelike venous transfusion and the transfusion drop can be controlled. Infusion pump and injection pump can be also used.
3. The simulated upper arm can accommodate intramuscular injection training.
(3) Blood pressure measurement (modules)
1. It has simulated adult arm which can be measured the non-invasive blood pressure by using the real blood pressure measurement. It gets korotkoff Gap sound.
2. It has a blood pressure measurement controller which can preset or set the blood value within the accuracy of 1 mmHg.
3. The pulse rate and volume can be controlled.
4. It can display systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, heart rate value. It also has simulated mercury column with dynamic display.
(4) Manual external defibrillator simulation training
(5) ECG analysis and training
(6)Interactive computer monitoring software
(7)CPR multimedia teaching software£º
II. Packing List£º
E-standardized CPR patients                            1unit
AED simulated training machine                            1unit
Simulated electrode plate                                  2sets
12V power adapter                                      1unit
232 serial line                                        1unit
USB cable (square mouth)                               1unit
CPR mask                                              1unit
Arm for blood pressure measurement and the accessories          1set
Arm for the venous puncture and the accessories                 1set
Accessories of the catheterization                            1set
Injector                                                 1set
Replaceable nursing module                                 1set
Coat for e-standardized patient                        1suit
Bed for e-standardized patient                          1set
Movable computer desk                            1set
Teaching system software                                1set
Bed sheet¡¢Crystal membrane                               1set
Manual                                          1copy

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