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JC-W2004 Simulator for Incision and Suture of Lower Limb
[Date£º2010-10-21 14:58:21 ][Read£º1279]

¢ñ. Functions and Features and Usage Method
1.      Simulator for incision and suture of lower limb is made from tear-resistant reinforced materials. Each incision can be used repeatedly to practice suture, taking out stitches and binding up wounds.
2.      The simulator has soft and elastic texture, real handling and vivid appearance.
3.      The simulated red muscle tissue appears after the incision of arm.
4.      The student can practice incision and suture at any part of the simulated lower limb by himself.
5.      Incision and suture of lower limb training must be operated as the rules of clinical operation.
¢ò. Maintenance
1.      Please clean the simulator by neutral detergent (such as detergent, washing powder, alcohol, etc.) if there is besmirch waiting on the simulator.
2.      Avoid the scratches and cuts by sharp objects on the simulator.
3.      Avoid long-term exposure to the sun.
¢ó. Packing List
1. Simulator for incision and suture of lower limb               1unit
2. Operation Manual                                      1copy

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