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JC-W00081 Module for the Resection of Lipoma
[Date£º2010-10-21 15:08:20 ][Read£º1277]

¢ñ. Functions and Features
   The module is made from the mold of macromolecular material. It provides a vivid appearance and handling. It also has a special design of three-layer structure, which contains skin layer, adipose layer and muscle layer. The module is suitable for teachers and students in medical school to operate incision, suture and pathological resection training.
II. Maintenance
1.        Please clean the simulator by neutral detergent (such as detergent, washing powder, alcohol, etc.) if there is besmirch waiting on the simulator.
2.        Avoid the scratches and cuts by sharp objects on the simulator.
3.        Avoid long-term exposure to the sun.
III. Packing List
1.      Module for the resection of lipoma                   1 packet
2.      Usage Manual                                   1copy

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