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Basic Surgical Techniques Training Laboratory  >  Basic Surgical Techniques Training Laboratory
JC-H5003 Simulator for Fistular Ostomy Care Training
[Date£º2010-10-21 15:18:49 ][Read£º1339]

¢ñ. Application
A.   Colostomy care technical training.
B.   Intestinal fistula irrigation technology training.
C.   Fistula for fistula and drainage bag training.
¢ò. Features
   There are colonic fistula, ileum fistula, bladder stoma, sacrococcygeal third-degree decubitus on the model.
   Ostomy care and intestinal fistula irrigation technology on colonic fistula and intestinal fistula can be done by thumbs of adults.
   Three-cavity catheter and mushroom-head drainage tube can be put into bladder colostomy to wash the bladder and drainage tube.
III. Notes for Routine Maintenance
1. After fistula caring and irrigation training every time, absorb the liquid in fistula completely.
2. Clean the model and put on a plastic bag to prevent dirt.
3. Clean by neutral detergent when the model is stained (for example detergent, washing power, and alcohol).
4. Avoid sharp objects scratch or cut on the model.
5. Avoid long-term exposure to the sun.

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