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JC-H61001 Simulator for Sputum Suction Training and Care after Tracheotomy
[Date£º2010-10-21 15:21:44 ][Read£º1436]

¢ñ. Functional Features and Usage Method
1.      Simulator for sputum suction training and care after tracheotomy is made from high-quality silicone rubber. It has an excellent anatomic structure: pharynx, epiglottis, trachea, oesophagus, district of tracheotomy, annular cartilage, left bronchial tree and right bronchial tree.
2.      The simulator can be used for tracheotomy training and care after tracheotomy.
3.      The simulator can be used for sputum suction training which will pass trachea, mouth and nose.
4.      The simulator can be used for the training of cleaning and nursing tracheal tube.
5.      The operations mentioned above should be performed as the rules of clinical operation.
¢ò. Maintenance
1.      Please clean the simulator by neutral detergent (such as detergent, washing powder, alcohol, etc.) if there is besmirch waiting on the simulator.
2.      Avoid the scratches and cuts by sharp objects on the simulator.
3.      Avoid long-term exposure to the sun.
¢ó. Packing List
1. Simulator for sputum suction training and care after tracheotomy.       1unit
2. Tracheal tube (Size 10)                                         1unit
3. Operation Manual                                            1copy

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