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JC-ACLS9000B Teaching System for Intelligent Advanced Life Support Training (Network version, equipped with simulated defibrillator and pacemaker)
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Product Model: JC-ACLS9000B teacher¡¯s master machine    JC-ACLS9000 student¡¯s experimental machine
System composition: Intelligent teacher¡¯s master machine (central network monitor system and technology, computer, Intelligent E-standardized patient), Intelligent student¡¯s experimental machine (computer, Intelligent E-standardized patient)
Teaching System for Intelligent Advanced Life Support Training is very powerful. It allows both theory teaching and practical training for Critically Ill Patients rescue; it can demonstrate clinical cases of the computer system, it also allows case edition training; it allows training for electrical conversion (¢ÙManual asynchronous electric defibrillation¢ÚAsynchronous electrical conversion¢ÛExternal pace), it also allows Medication Training; it can be connected to real multi-parameter monitor and simulated multi-parameter monitor as well.
1. E-standardized patient for Intelligent Advanced Life Support Training
   1.1. It has completely simulated Head and Neck with soft material and real hand feel, Lifelike Oral Cavity (Teeth, Tongue, and Uvula), Lifelike Airway (Epiglottis, Glottis, Larynx, Arytenoids Cartilage, Vocal Cords, and Trachea) and Esophagus; Clear marks on the surface of the Chest (Sternal Angle, Xiphoid Process, Nipples, Etc.) contribute to the localization of Closed Cardiac Massage; Images display to show the correctness and incorrectness of the localization of chest massage and the reasons. Real Carotid Artery Pulsation: Closed Cardiac Massage will cause corresponding Carotid Artery Pulsation and Normal Carotid Artery Pulse will appear after a Successful Rescue. It provides Lifelike Eyes. Pupils will return to normal from Platycoria after a Successful Rescue.
1.2. Autonomous respiration will appear after a successful rescue.
   1.3. Airway management training: It allows End tracheal Intubation through Mouth or Nasal Trachea. It allows Trainings for Opening Airway with various methods, and an Effective Artificial Respiration can be carried out only when the Airway Is Open.
   1.4. CPR practical training: It Allows Trainings for Mouth-to-Mouth or Mouth-to-Nose Artificial Respiration. Balloon mask or respirator can be used coordinately. The amount and the speed of blowing will be displayed, recorded and evaluated through the main controller.
   1.5. It provides a real feel of chest compression. The action and reaction, depth and frequency of compressing are shown, recorded and evaluated by the dynamic curve on the software interface on real time.
1.6. The simulated patient has the task and function to upload information to the central monitor station.
Every outcome of the patient demonstration of the cases in the computer system, or the cases edited by the case editor will be uploaded preciously to the central monitor station (or the teacher¡¯s machine). It will be displayed immediately on the multi-parameter monitor of the central monitor station (or the teacher¡¯s machine)
2. Venous Pathways
A complete upper and lower extremity venous system allows venous Transfusion, Blood Collection and Injection, and Simulation of the Venous Pathways Establishment during Emergency Treatment.
3. Blood Pressure Measurement
With the Korotkoff Gap sound, a true Hem manometer can be used to make non-invasive blood pressure measurement on the simulated adult arms. The device for Blood Pressure Measurement can set accurate pressure value as 1mmHg. Pulse Frequency and Sound Volume are controllable.
4. Simulated defibrillation and pacing training
  Simulated defibrillator and pacemaker is equipped to operate training for simulated defibrillation, synchronized cardioversion and pacing through the interactive control of the software procedures.
5. Case edition
   It provides a plenty of real medical physical signs for the teachers and students to edit new cases and medical histories, physical signs and emergency measures. The system can save the case after the user input each related parameter correctly. The simulated patient will demonstrate the case and display according to the operation of the user. The system will recorder it automatically and it allows electrical conversion and medication.
6. ECG Analysis and Training
ECG Analysis and Training can be done through the interactive control of the software procedures.
7. Many rescue drugs are available
8. Multimedia Teaching Software for Advanced Life Support
  The teaching system is composed of a set of 9 multimedia teaching softwares. It includes: Basic life support, advanced life support, cardiograph analysis training, advanced life support training, basic life support training, simulated assessment training for basic life support, basic life support assessment, advanced life support assessment, cardiograph analysis assessment.
  Teaching software provides Numerous Animations, Integrated with CPR- related words, Sounds, Static and Dynamic Diagrams, Physiological Anatomy, Hemodynamic, Pathological Anatomy, ECG, X-ray picture and CDI, Etc., Vivid and Direct.
9. Assessment function
  9.1. The assessment result can be saved in anywhere of the computer. The ¡°memory play back¡± function can be used to play back the operation process.
  9.2. The advance life support assessment system integrates 9 advanced life support test questions and the answers to the questions.
  9.3. Electrocardiogram analytic assessment contains related waves. The user can choose the answers from the waves¡¯ images.
10. Powerful network interactive teaching function 
  10.1. Central monitoring function of teacher¡¯s machine
     1) Through the advanced network monitoring system, multi-parameter monitor on the teacher¡¯s machine displays the figures and graphs of electrocardiogram wave, wave of oxygen saturation of blood, respiratory curve, heart rate, blood pressure temperature and pulse showed on the multi-parameter monitor jointed with the E-standardized patient. In this way, the operator can easily observe every detailed movement of organ system of E-standardized patient and feedback the effect of treatment in time.
     2) Both the operation demonstrated on the teaching screen of E-standardized patient and the process of compiling new cases by case editor can be showed on the teaching screen of the teacher¡¯s machine at the same time. It is beneficial for teachers to instruct students in time and train their ability of clinical thinking.
  10.2. Giving instructions
     The teacher¡¯s machine can give various instructions to the students¡¯ experimental machines, such as training, monitoring and examining. The students can operate and compile new cases and scientifically perform the emergency rescue in obedience to the medical teaching regulation.
  (3) Teaching
     1) Mass teaching: through the network monitoring system, the mass teaching can be achieved by the teaching projector. Not only the content on multi-parameter monitor of the teacher¡¯s machine or the videos can be transmitted to the teaching projector, but also the content displayed on the teaching screens of the teacher¡¯s machine and the students¡¯ experimental machines.
     2) E-standardized patient of the teacher¡¯s machine: theoretic teaching and training about emergency treatment of patients with critical illness, presentation of operating the cases of illness in computer system, training of operating the cases of illness compiled by case editor, electrical conversion training (automatic external electric defibrillation; manual and asynchronous electric defibrillation; synchronized cardioversion; external pacing) with different types and brands of real quiver pacemaker, medication, joint with real multi-parameter monitor, joint with simulated multi-parameter monitor, etc.
  (4) Intelligent examining, judging and saving system
     1) Examination: ¢Ù examination about basic life support, advanced life support and electrocardiogram identification for all the students. Situation and parameter can change at any time; ¢Ú face-to-face examination for single student. Situation and parameter can change at any time.
     2) Intelligent judging, maintaining and printing: the system accurately records the student¡¯s examination by figures, waves and numbers and grades objectively. The results, which are uploaded to the central monitor, can be showed, saved and printed.
The quotation of the product is with standard components (excluded computer). Purchase separately if needed.

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